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Mental Health Counselor, MS
Certified Yoga Instructor

Maybe you are pregnant or a new mother, questioning why you feel depressed or anxious during a time that “should” be exciting and happy. Maybe you are suffering from a loss and feel like it’s too difficult to continue on with the absence in your life. These are all things that I can help you with by guiding you through changes in the way you think, feel and act.

We are told that suffering is something we must endure and that it teaches us life lessons. That doesn’t mean we must endure the suffering and lessons alone. You recognize this! You have made the first step towards a healthier you just by searching for assistance and finding this page. It takes strength to reach out to others in times of need. It can feel intimidating to try counseling, especially if you are discouraged and feel alone. I provide a safe and encouraging environment, where we will work together at your pace, to help you move beyond the suffering and live the life you desire and deserve!

I utilize the methods of Mindfulness, Dialectical and Cognitive Behavioral therapies, Acceptance Commitment Therapy as well as art techniques, yoga, and meditation to help clients move towards their most authentic selves. My approach is holistic in nature and I organically incorporate what I teach as a yoga instructor into my therapy. I base counseling sessions on the individual needs of the client and what he or she is going to connect with most effectively. It is very true that “not one size fits all” and this holds true for how we help our mind, body and spirit. Let’s work together to make the changes you’ve been searching for!

Professional Experience

I have a wide variety of experience, spanning over 25 years. I began my career in the counseling field as a director in a residential treatment facility for youth suffering from mental illness. This work led me to the field of School Psychology. I have worked in this area since 1998. In recent years, I became interested in working with women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. This interest was sparked when I began teaching yoga to pregnant women and joined the Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Task Force. This is where I discovered the great need and desire to serve women and address their mental health needs.

Throughout the last several years, I have deepened my understanding of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, as well as the most effective ways to treat them. My passion has also evolved into serving those suffering from perinatal and general loss. I have gained experience and knowledge through my volunteer work with Postpartum Support International. I serve as a NYS coordinator and have facilitated grief and loss groups. I continue to teach yoga and am a certified birth and bereavement doula. Along with perinatal issues and grief work, I am also passionate about working with those suffering from eating disorders and supporting parents of children with eating disorders.

Along with utilizing yoga techniques in therapy, I also offer individual yoga sessions to interested clients. Sessions are based on your specific needs to enhance the body and mind connection. Individual yoga sessions provide the opportunity for added instruction and practice of skills introduced in therapy, such as breath work, self -compassion, relaxation techniques and meditation.

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